• Jessica Desrosiers

Tippy Taps Q&A: When Is the Best Time to Train My Pet?

Q: When is the best time to train my pet?

A: Any time! All joking aside, the best time is usually before your pet’s mealtime. If they’re hungry, they’ll be more motivated to work for treats. Just be sure to adjust your pet’s meal accordingly, so they’re not eating too many calories at once or getting ill from too much food!

Typically, several shorter training sessions throughout the day are better than one long daily session. Most pets can only focus about 10-15 minutes before getting bored (and even less for puppies and kittens!) So, several short sessions help you get in repetitions without losing focus. You can also accomplish this by simply asking for one or two behaviors before regular tasks, such as a sit and lay down before getting food, a wait at the door before going out, etc. By incorporating training into your daily routine, your pet is more likely to respond positively without it feeling like effort.

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