• Jessica Desrosiers

Take a Look at 20 Tricks for a Well-Mannered Dog

Updated: Feb 22

Looking for a great general training book? 20 Tricks for a Well-Mannered Dog is a great choice! Inside, you'll find not only basic training tricks, but helpful guides for common training problems such as safe-handling, being leashed, walking politely, and more! These tips and techniques not only help to teach your dog something new, but they can be worked into everyday situations such as car rides or trips to the vet.

Each section gives detailed information about the trick, a cute illustration of it, and information about ways to make the trick click with your dog — both with and without a clicker! It also includes detailed information about what positive reinforcement is, how to pick the right treats for training, praise words, and other techniques to ensure every training session with your dog is a success.

Interested in a copy? You can purchase 20 Tricks for a Well-Mannered Dog on Amazon in either paperback for $10,99, or Kindle for $7.99. Kindle will also let you check out the book for free with Kindle Unlimited, so you can try before you buy.

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