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Who We Are

Two dogs

Jessica Desrosiers

Trainer and Consultant

Jessica has over 16 years of experience in the pet industry. She started out as a certified dog trainer at the age of 17, and went on to work as a veterinary technician and animal shelter behavior volunteer while completing her degree in Animal Sciences. Now, Jessica spends her time writing about pet-related topics and helping pets and their parents.

Currently, Jessica is working on her IAABC CDBC/CCBC certification. She also has two published dog training books, and enjoys gardening and writing outside of training sessions.

About Tippy Taps

Established in 2020, Tippy Taps Animal Behavior Consulting is an all-in-one location for your behavior questions.

We offer a variety of services including a blog on popular training and behavior topics, video tutorials, and books as well as professional consulting services done 100% virtually, so you and your pet can remain comfortable in your own home.

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PR & Canine Companion

Liberty-Ann Justice, or Libby, is Jessica's main canine squeeze. At ten years of age, she's a stellar companion and training partner. She was rescued at seven months of age, and has been by Jessica's side ever since.

This retriever and dachshund mix is the star of our many video tutorials and other demonstrations, here to show you how things are done.

When not excelling at tricks for treats, Libby enjoys a good chew on her bone, long car rides, and bothering her feline little sister.


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